Einstein sculpture

Einstein sculpture 285 x 224 x 280 mm,

Printed on a 3Dprinterlab.org standard Prusa i3 (200 X 200 Y 200 Z).
Split the model into 5 parts and printed them with 2% infill. After printing filled the parts with plaster and glued them together with epoxy and superglue. Primed the model with zinc primer, sanded, primed a second time. Sanded again and filled gaps with epoxy.
And again sanding.
Painted the model with hammer effect gold colored paint.

WP_20160326_18_42_25_Pro_50 WP_20160326_18_43_13_Pro_50 WP_20160323_13_40_06_Pro_50

Files are available on Thingiverse

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