Nefertiti full size


Nefertiti model inspired by the blog post and Youtube video from RichRep (Richard Horne)

The model is printed in PLA, weighs 9.7 kilo and 50 centimeter high.

I had to cut the model into 11 pieces so it fitted my standard Prusa i3 (200 X 200 Y 220 Z build space), printed with a 0.4 mm nozzle.

After printing the parts I filled them with plaster and glued them together with epoxy. Then I sanded down the joint and gave it a coat of Zinc primer and sanded down the model very lightly to preserve the 3d printer artifacts. Finally I gave the model 3 coats of golden spray paint.



File are available at Thingiverse

Nefertiti small try-out

Started to print Nefertiti on actual size. First I printed a small version to check the model.

Inspired by RichRep (Richard Horne)

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